July 25, 2009

Sunset Scavenger is an on-going project exploring images and themes of social and environmental collapse in the last decades of the petroleum era. It’s also the name of a 1984 Ford Club Wagon, the Sailvan, and the video show that is projected on its sails, and the coast-to-coast tour that brings the show to your town. The Sailvan — a 2-masted gaff-rigger schooner– functions as tour vehicle, as well as projection screen. The video program is a 2-projector documentary-essay on low-down survival strategies in a world of ecologic and economic collapse.

Sunset Scavenger tells the real-world stories of ascendant down’n’outers and their earnest lessons of self-reliance in the face of civil decay.

This low-budget, non-linear, semi-documentary epic and morally beneficial apocalyptic allegory features the Abandoned RV starring in a hastily revised New Urbanism, and is supported by the surprise comeback of Advanced Woodworking and Basic Piracy. Here’s what happens when there’s more cars than houses, more bad weather than gasoline, and more poor people than cops.


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