Pop Up Party

July 30, 2009

“Over the course of one week, we researched and explored the Highline – asking ourselves questions about what it once was, what it is now, who built it, for who – by interviewing people on it, and people who live and work nearby, including those who have never checked it out, and never plan to. We considered everything we had learned, and using all our skills and resources developed of the course of this summer, we decided to design a guerrilla, public intervention…”

Workshop: Research history of and making of the High Line in its current form. Students will then consider missing elements, and rewrite the narrative by creating a Mid Line and take over 19th Street for a Pop Up Party.

Critical Frameworks: Urban research, creative use of public space

Background: Now in its 10th year, Digital Day Camp is Eyebeam’s longest running program. DDC09 students will engage in lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on art and technology tools, careers in the field, and relevant social and artistic topics. Through their investigations, they will have the opportunity to research current themes in arts and technology, and develop their own project in response to what they discover.

Initiated by Adriana Young (artist researcher / activist) + Christina Kral (digital and interactive narrative, Eyebeam Alum)

Introduction to a Public Intervention

For more pictures from DDC2009 please visit MalKitty’s DDC collection and my set


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