FabAgit is TTR w/ J&S [Part 1]

August 24, 2009

= Fabulous Agitation is Testing The Road with Jeff & Steve

On Sunday morning [08-23] Fabulous Agitation took Jeff & Steve on a test ride. We turned a zipped car into a temporary platform of liberation and took off. We all needed to get out of town anyway – reasons of perspective. On our way we invited friends to join the ride and Victoria, the brave, did join us for a picnic out on the battlefield somewhere in New Jersey, close to the shore…

We collected secrets and absurdities that crossed our path and pockets. We tested Fabulous Agitation in elevated space and lost our FlipFlops but not our countenance. We instigated the revival of our project WE THINK THIS IS ART [more about that in upcoming posts], catered rapid ice coffee out of the trunk, opened our ears for sorrows and hopes, let us be taken away by same-aged comedians with a sad air. We took and utilized everything we could get for free on all our stops for pees and gas. This way we managed to upgrade our basic homemade tortilla picnic to a proper feast. From previous test runs we knew how to disguise forbidden beverages and had a pleasurable time with food & conversation. We explored the depths of human behavior inside a boardwalk arcade. We developed techniques for on the spot documentation without standard documentation gear.

We didn’t find a cheap motel to spend the night but a first class bedroom at Jeff’s friendly family’s place. Thank you for the blueberries!

To view all the pictures click here.

Let us tease you some more!

Stay tuned, Fabulous Agitation is currently editing the video clip.


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