September 30, 2009

This Friday [10-02-2009] our next group of residents will take over Gottesman Library’s Elevator at the Teachers College, Columbia University and turn it into a Pop Up Library and Instant Publishing House with live knowledge sharing, secret dropping and much more…

Fab Four and More

Luther Cherry, Jade Highleyman, Caroline Spivack, Zoe Baker and Spencer Brown are currently students in residence at Eyebeam and affirmed Pop Up Culture specialists. Together with Stephanie Pereira, Education Coordinator at Eyebeam, Adriana Young, Program Director of Chez Bushwick and Christina Kral, social[ist] artist and engineer they’ve developed tactics and strategies for Pop Up Interventions. This time they will use their “tools” to explore how to instantly share knowledge, open up an unusual space [elevator] for social interactions and investigate public education alternatives.

And they have fortune cookies too!

Friday 10-02-2009
Hop on the elevator and get wise!


3 Responses to “PUL/IPE”

  1. Adriana Young Says:

    QUIET please!
    As we QUIETLY fabulously agitate the library.
    Lower your voices.
    Lower your guards.
    Hush. Hush. Hush.
    It will be the most studious + productive party in the short, but complex history of pop-ups.

  2. Adriana Young Says:

    What time?

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