Soft City

October 7, 2009

How do people organise their space? Or do they allow themselves to be organised? How do unregulated private initiatives contribute to the development of a city? Are there any guidelines, and when do the upholding of public order and legislation start to impact this process? The exhibition ‘Soft City’ presents existing and new work by the international artists Azra Aksamija, Pushwagner and Dubravka Sekulić. Their work represents the extreme ways in which people create urban (living) space. And how the authorities play a role in this, or, in contrast, are completely sidelined. Their work shows attention to the mental, psychological and socio-economic consequences of this process.

In his graphic novel ‘Soft City’ (1969-1975), the controversial Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner (1940, Oslo) sketches standardised daily life in an Orwellian city. With compassion, a sense of the absurd and an occasionally satirical outlook, Pushwagner follows the life of the residents.

Content taken from “Soft City“.


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