Where we started from…

December 28, 2009

…where we’re heading next!

What we want is free. We found the book while dog-sitting in Mexico City in January this year. It set the scene and led to inspiring works of fascinating artists… If you dig through our blog you’ll get an idea what influenced us.

We then embarked on a journey through Mexico, passing through villages, fields of strawberries and forests of butterflies. Fruit exchange carts on the side of the roads. Portable vending vehicles everywhere. Blissful inspiration overload and the newly outlined interest in our artistic practice led us from Wheels in her Eyes, a personal road trip experience to Fabulous Agitation {FabAgit}, Temporary Platforms of Liberation. In March we answered to the calling of Columbia University, sent out the proposal and waited patiently dangling from hammocks with our arms in the sun and our toes in the sand.

So portable art spaces… that would allow us to be non-committal to one specific location, yet dedicated to sharing art and exchanging ideas in odd places, great!

In May we moved from Mexico to NYC, the hub of our future operations, where we had to formulate and reformulate our questions to find our way through the shrubbery: What would the portable art spaces look like? How many would we need? What purposes would they have to serve? What was our budget? How far could we take mobility? How temporary could we afford to be? What kind of art, what kind of exchange? Who would be a good one-day resident? Audience? Etc.

We oscillated between investing in a *proper* trailer and finding portable devices out in the streets. During our summer Pop-Up Lab, hosted at Eyebeam, we discovered using dumpster footage to build portable platforms wouldn’t prevent us from generating trash. In fact, it helped circulating it before it would end up back in the dumpster along with more trash. It also turned out to be a somewhat immobile or inflexible approach for our interventions. The physical objects seemed to weigh heavy on our instantaneous take-overs and carrying stuff around is just not that sophisticated after all.

So we moved on to finding places that would lend themselves for our interventions using whatever was on-site, incorporating and allowing it to shape the aesthetics and dynamics of our interventions. A new literal approach to site-specific actions evolved.

In August, we moved into the EdLab, roamed the campus, co-opted a cart, collected physical research, got in touch with our one-day artists in residence, participated at Conflux Festival, defined and redefined our force fields, talked at Salt Space as experts on {spatial} reality shifts, wrote a manifesto, wrote another one, decided that manifestos should stay as flexible as the nature of our work and then events, events and more events. This was our summer and our fall!

By the end of November FabAgit had established its own language and philosophy. We packaged our projects and interventions and brought them together on our new homepage. And lastly we installed a visual and physical documentation within the library at Teachers College, Columbia Univeristy {See post below}.

Currently, FabAgit is agitating the virtual sphere: Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, … yep, nothing’s gonna stop us now.

Next on the agenda is to depart on active and physical research to turn our strategies into manuals for future interventionistas. We plan to discuss with our former and future residents to share gained insight and research outcomes. And we do plan to publish our revelations, yeah!

Be a part, stay tuned. Happy New Year!


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