Flying with the military, clans and other hybrids

December 31, 2009

Thoughts on Thoughts on Avatar {in 3D}

Avatar 3D is family holiday fun, proper: Action, romance, a hero and a heroine, the marriage of different species, problems, despair and solutions. Animals! A fairytale with a message. Slightly “left-leaning” yet not entirely PC, so we heard. With sequel potential, gotta love it!

To increase the fun, FabAgit built its own video set.

Stripped down to its core, removed of all high tech ephemera and biotech hyper-futurism we were left with the story behind the glossy 3D-shell and James’ vision of our tomorrow. 3D sure rocks!

New World = New Vocabulary

Skypeople are humans {positively foremost Military & Research people as they seem the only ones who made it to the next level} left without their territory, formerly known as Earth. With their head in the future and their feet steady on the past, always a new prey in sight. The show must go on!

Na’vi are the uncanny, yet enlightened savages of Pandora, a lush, Earth-like moon of the planet Polyphemus, in the Alpha Centauri system. {When in doubt: Wikipedia}

Avatar is a Hindi term for “decent” and refers to what we call incarnation of a deity that comes down from heaven to earth {or any given planet}. Here it is “a creation of human technology where human’s intelligence is injected into a remotely located body, a biological body,” hence a hybrid between Human and Na’vi DNA.

Got Unobtainium?
Below the tree of life, just remove the Na’vi.

Hybrids of Pandora with a bonding port
As part of becoming a full-grown and accepted member of the Na’vi community you got to win over one of the flying hybrids {a mix between a dinosaur and a butterfly}. Our avatar, upon descending, is immediately recognized by Eywa {the Na’vi deity} as the new chosen one. This manifests in his vehicle upgrade. He get’s the fierce bird, win!”

How we like our stories to be told:
Hard lined, straight forward, linear and vertical. Just add 3D for horizontal pleasure!

No non-linear absurdities, no multiple story angles nor augmented realities. A straight downward story-hierarchy with the supposedly superior on top and the inferior on the bottom will do just fine.

Since the focus is clearly on conquest and warfare, the logical and strategic build-up of the drama/adventure becomes almost a necessity. We want our stories to be told in black and white, with a Technicolor twist but not much room for a relativist worldview.

“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” – Tom Clancy {American espionage and military science author and video game developer. Co-incidence?}

Why do futuristic movies always seem to point way back to a well archived and preserved past that causes no threat and lends itself for an easy adaption?

The further we reach into an uncertain and discomforting future the more we seem to long for the comfort of our own history {even though it might not be so comforting after all}. And the more our real lives get complicated, disorientating and scattered with many equally valid alternatives and constant information overload, we tend to rejoice in clear structures and predictability.

What we want is a standard adventure story package including the classic elements of Boy meets girl, {Mermaid meets Sailor, Cowboy meets Indian girl or Avatar meets Na’vi}, a big threat, a seemingly unresolvable problem and ONE simple solution, greed and other evils vs. sustainability and sheer goodness and for this particular movie they added wholesome living and bonding beyond species. Yeah!

In the year 2154 {The world according to James C.}…

>>Some of us will still be alive!

>>Those who are, will still be territorial if not terrestrial as sea lions!

>>3D will be law.

>>We will still be the same old greedy folks with all our evolutionary flaws but we are able to create someone else’s god, nice!

>>We still like our stories to be told black and white and delivered in Technicolor.

>>We shall still rejoice in the wonders of association. As long as we can reference to and compare with we can also accept anything labeled “new” and “uncommon”. Just add a filter!

>>We will still need heroes! And a female alone won’t do.

>>We will still talk pep and act down. Hypocrisy will not be contradictory!

>>The military will not change its attitude, only add new gadgets to the repertoire.

>>We will still need religion and rituals to explain the unexplainable and to guide us through our intricate lives.

>>There will still be love. Win!

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  1. […] also read Fabagit’s take on it, as a representative went with me and has such a different way of  processing […]

  2. kwonix Says:

    Take the glasses off and look around:
    Society of the Spectacle for limited edition cover 2010 edition.
    The REBEL SEED- heavy tap water and indirect sun light please.

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