Initial Idea

portable platforms of art, liberation, food and exchange

“In the broader phenomenon it is really about food, people meeting each other, and an opportunity for increased communication”
What We Want Is Free / Generosity and exchange in recent art

Fabulous Agitation is a small collection of portable art space units moving around on/or near the Columbia University campus over a period of a month. It functions as a central element in a temporary, social space within changing urban settings. Social and artistic events and interventions will test possibilities of public education. Geared up with a/v projection equipment, a kitchenette and a digital/physical archive this caravan of moveable event platforms will host a broad spectrum of events such as screenings, lectures, seminars, reading circles, presentation and game nights, guided tours, and art fund raisers, etc. Refreshments, snacks and music to provide a base for social interactions will accompany the events.

Fabulous Agitation will host one-day-residencies. Invited artists and speakers will gain access to the moveable units and get to play with its presentation and exhibition gear and host an event that will engage with an ever changing audience. The residencies will be responsible for a varied events calendar at Fabulous Agitation.

Not only the units are dynamic and portable also the content is in flux and will increase and evolve over time and be made available in form of a digital archive/blog.

Fabulous Agitation wants to create an environment that is inclusive, invites to hang out, offers room to communication and provides a contagious range of events. For the visual representation of the unit FabulousAgitationis inspired by the alternative, slightly gypsy, improvisational, freewheeling and definitely romantic look and feel of temporary spaces seen in Mexico, India and at the fringes of Williamsburg. These portable shacks, booths (casetas) and bike-constructions function as platforms to sell juices, food or lending books. These units attract regulars as well as passers-by and are great temporary spaces of social encounters. The New York summer would lend itself as a backdrop for a series of events and artistic exchange.

The project will be completed with a website/blog that provides: Concept and idea, events calendar, profiles and links of participating artists, Locations and access, and a production blog to document and follow the making of.

Roughly outlined, Fabulous Agitation would take the first month for research, organization, to build or customize existing units and fill it with content and technical equipment and program the second month with residents and public events.

There will be room for ad-hoc interventions.


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