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TM 2010 >> Class Wargames

February 17, 2010

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. And wargames are a continuation of politics by other means.
So listen with great care and internalize well, fellow workers: Terrain! Combat! Cavalry! Arsenals! And Lines of Communication!

“The Game of War is a Clausewitz simulator: a Napoleonic-era military strategy game where armies must maintain their communications structure to survive – and where victory is achieved by smashing your opponent’s supply network rather than by taking their pieces.”

Politics is the continuation of war by other means.

“Rules seemed the limit to this game and they remained vague enough throughout that night.”

Wargames are a continuation of politics by other means.

“You just want to touch these minimalist figurines and shapes all the time.”

Richard Barbrook – a cyber communist, book author, activist and player – introduced his latest situationist film project: Guy Debord’s The Game of War. It exists to explain the ideas and goals behind this strategy game. It also is to prepare you for the actual game…

Get hooked, sign up, communicate and learn how to become a strategical situationist at:



February 8, 2010

We certainly enjoyed CTM’s parallel exhibition “Esemplasticism: The Truth is a Compromise”.

A bunch of young International artists
shaping disparate things into a unified whole
Recognition, Emotions, Desire –>

A color-, play- and tasteful reflection on the suggested superficiality of our hyper-technological world that tends to fancy technology over artistic vision and where we engage in *a* future discourse that externalizes imagination and idolizes gadgets with our heads turned towards the past.

“When art no longer functions on an emotional or philosophic level, when it is unreflective and contributes nothing to our experiences of constructing meaning, what truth are we compromising?”

TM 2010 >> It’s Future, Now or Never

February 4, 2010

There is no time for diplomacy
Futurity, now!

You may or may not have a problem
If it turns out you do try
o1 write down the problem
o2 think really hard
o3 write down the solution

Fiction your life
why not become the change you want to see
yes you look ridiculous
but why, by what standard?

Who owns time?

Go, atemporality!
10 years life span MAX

Come on you,
dress up and
bring your Facebook friends

Venus is a silent star and
you can do a lot of good work
with the materiality of
dead regimes and colonialism

{Quotation mash-up by Sterling, Zielovski, Barbrook and FabAgit}

Side note:
In London we were introduced to the idea of thinking ridiculously far ahead by members of the Long Now Foundation. Against all the optimism implied, we also found out that the procrastination of nuclear disarmament can make this long term thinking very quickly obsolete.

Future anybody?!

Watch Bruce Sterling’s Keynote at

TM 2010 >> Stuck in Horley

February 3, 2010

{FabAgit was invited by Eyebeam to be the official correspondent at Transmediale 2010 in Berlin}

Gatwick not Schönefeld
Stranded in Horley
Started a riot

Flew in Late
Personal pick-up
Ashram night
Pretty kitties
3 hrs sleep

Got dizzy trying yoga at 5.10 am
Stared at a yantra copy for 30 minutes straight
Continued staring

Transmediale 2010 begins today.

Off to TM HQ to collect press goodies and hope to catch a manifesto manifestation on utopia, Arabic Agit-Prop and more sci-fi visions on futurity, NOW!

Not going anywhere

Stranded in Horley

Own it!

Berlin Berlin!!

Warm Welcome Kitty

Post Yantra

A pearl

FabAgit Installed!

December 28, 2009

FabAgit was asked to install a documention of their first Intervention Cycle at the EdLab of Teachers College, Columbia University. We marked our “territory” {appropriatly} with Xmas lights and displayed an assortment of images and a cart from the past 7{!} interventions.

Since not every stage is for every performance… FabAgit can’t wait to hit the streets again!

More Exhibition Details.

All FabAgit sets:

IPH – Publications

November 16, 2009

are online and flippin’!


September 30, 2009

This Friday [10-02-2009] our next group of residents will take over Gottesman Library’s Elevator at the Teachers College, Columbia University and turn it into a Pop Up Library and Instant Publishing House with live knowledge sharing, secret dropping and much more…

Fab Four and More

Luther Cherry, Jade Highleyman, Caroline Spivack, Zoe Baker and Spencer Brown are currently students in residence at Eyebeam and affirmed Pop Up Culture specialists. Together with Stephanie Pereira, Education Coordinator at Eyebeam, Adriana Young, Program Director of Chez Bushwick and Christina Kral, social[ist] artist and engineer they’ve developed tactics and strategies for Pop Up Interventions. This time they will use their “tools” to explore how to instantly share knowledge, open up an unusual space [elevator] for social interactions and investigate public education alternatives.

And they have fortune cookies too!

Friday 10-02-2009
Hop on the elevator and get wise!

NSA met IKEA and a Captain

September 28, 2009

Our first residents took over the IKEA ferry bar as part of the Conflux festival.

In true FabAgit style they used the props available on location and returned them after the intervention and got their money back!!

NSA - The real beauty of business

matching trench coat matching hot dogs

NSA meets IKEA

The Captain and our Snacks

Keep coming back for more. FabAgit is right now going through the documentation material…

Fabulous Agitation at Zaragoza

September 23, 2009

The 21st of September, when love was changing the minds of pretenders…

Fabulous Agitation happened at La Familia Martinez’ Deli "Zaragoza" in the East Village.

Amazing people known and unknown celebrated love, tacos, the end of the week, international friendship, Madame Kral’s birthday and the temporary merge of public and private space.

Jukebox included.

Shana Tova + over a pound of chocolate + upsidedown strawberries

Instant Bliss

More pics.

FabAgit at Conflux City

September 2, 2009


We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Fabulous Agitation will participate at this year’s Conflux. On Sunday, September 20 as part of our residency program, the developers and engineers from NSA [Our first residents!] will take out one of our carts onto the water taxi, commuting between Pier 11 in Manhattan and IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn…


FABULOUS AGITATION – portable platforms for art, food, and exchange goes to IKEA!!!!

Take the water taxi!
Take a Swedish iced coffee!
Make a home decoration wish & show us your shopping list!
We’ll be easy to spot because we’ll be wearing matching jumpsuits!

FabAgit will install one mobile research unit on the water taxi to and from IKEA. Between 10am and 9pm, NSA will run our snack+share cart on the ferry visiting the Swedish home furniture discounter, collecting pre-visit anticipations and post-IKEA feelings*. Hacked Swedish snacks will facilitate conversing over individualist aspirations within a mass-consumer haven and really low, low prices…

Please come and join this fabulous option to get agitated. You can find us here. And keep coming back to this site for updates!

*For our research, Fabulous Agitation, together with NSA, investigated IKEA slogans such as the popular German, “Wohnst Du noch oder lebst Du schon?” [Are you Living, Or Just Existing] or it’s US counterpart: “Make a house a home” suggesting individuality for the masses, and this fall’s: “New Lower prices. Same great quality.” reflecting on the current sensitive economic situation. Other vintage favorites include: “Home is the Most Important Place” and “Every Family Deserves an Island.”

No Standing Anytime  =  Christina Kral + Adriana Valdez Young

We are Professional Pop Up Public Interventionistas [PPUPI] making temporary environments for people not to stand anytime (that is, to interact, relax and/or do something fabulous!).

We mass produce spaces and experiences to:
– Transform public space;
– Build instant community;
– Conduct non-monetary exchange/trade;
– Perform constant community research;
– Enact reality shifts;
– Intervene in under-utilized spaces;
– Recycle the city’s detritus into productive public art.

To do this, we make all different kinds of portable platforms and mobile stations for people to give, take and make.  
We also firmly believe in wearing matching outfits.

IN CARTS WE TRUST. Christina Kral [Social(ist) Engineer] + Adriana Young [Real(estate) Developer]