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TM 2010 >> It’s Future, Now or Never

February 4, 2010

There is no time for diplomacy
Futurity, now!

You may or may not have a problem
If it turns out you do try
o1 write down the problem
o2 think really hard
o3 write down the solution

Fiction your life
why not become the change you want to see
yes you look ridiculous
but why, by what standard?

Who owns time?

Go, atemporality!
10 years life span MAX

Come on you,
dress up and
bring your Facebook friends

Venus is a silent star and
you can do a lot of good work
with the materiality of
dead regimes and colonialism

{Quotation mash-up by Sterling, Zielovski, Barbrook and FabAgit}

Side note:
In London we were introduced to the idea of thinking ridiculously far ahead by members of the Long Now Foundation. Against all the optimism implied, we also found out that the procrastination of nuclear disarmament can make this long term thinking very quickly obsolete.

Future anybody?!

Watch Bruce Sterling’s Keynote at


TM 2010 >> Stuck in Horley

February 3, 2010

{FabAgit was invited by Eyebeam to be the official correspondent at Transmediale 2010 in Berlin}

Gatwick not Schönefeld
Stranded in Horley
Started a riot

Flew in Late
Personal pick-up
Ashram night
Pretty kitties
3 hrs sleep

Got dizzy trying yoga at 5.10 am
Stared at a yantra copy for 30 minutes straight
Continued staring

Transmediale 2010 begins today.

Off to TM HQ to collect press goodies and hope to catch a manifesto manifestation on utopia, Arabic Agit-Prop and more sci-fi visions on futurity, NOW!

Not going anywhere

Stranded in Horley

Own it!

Berlin Berlin!!

Warm Welcome Kitty

Post Yantra

A pearl